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BI Math Winners at SBU

Members of the Buchanan Intermediate Math Team competed in the Southwest Baptist University Math Contest January 21. Team members were among 335 students representing grades four through six. The students are under the direction of Buchanan Intermediate teacher Shannon Pagan.  Individual and team results are as follows:


Fourth Grade Sprint:  Alexee Garner – 5th place; Clara Dean – 7th place; Eduardo Menjivar – 9th place; Avery Baker - 10th place

Fourth Grade Target:  Luke Adkisson - 1st place; Clara Dean - 3rd place; Alexee Garner - 6th place; Eduardo Menjivar - 10th place

Fourth Grade Number Sense:  Alexee Garner – 3rd place; Luke Adkisson – 5th place; Eduardo Menjivar – 9th place

Fifth Grade Sprint:  Ty Jenkins – 7th place

Fifth Grade Target:  Ty Jenkins – 6th place; Lili Sever – 7th place; Sam Adkisson – 9th place; Lecksi Deroboam – honorable mention

Fifth Grade Number Sense:  Lili Sever – 7th place

Sixth Grade Sprint:  Waylon Ridinger – 4th place; Brady Tanner – 6th place; Heath Stark – 7th place; Houston Myer – 9th place; Avery Webber – 10th place

Sixth Grade Target – Waylon Ridinger – 3rd place

Sixth Grade Number Sense:  Avery Webber – 6th place; Waylon Ridinger – 8th place; Halle Miles – 9th place

Team: Anabelle Bissonette, Rylan Cornelison, Houston Myer and Avery Webber – 3rd place


The following students will advance to the Regional Contest scheduled April 1:  Luke Adkisson, Avery Baker, Clara Dean, Alexee Garner, Eduardo Menjivar. Sam Adkisson, Whitmore Clotfelter, Lecksi Deroboam, John Gillen, Ty Jenkins, Maci Rogers, Lili Sever, Anabelle Bissonnette, Rylan Cornelison, Houston Myer, Halle Miles, Waylon Ridinger, Callie Sorensen, Heath Stark, Brady Tanner, Allison Thomas and Avery Webber.