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Teams Advance to LEGO Championship

The 2016-2017 First LEGO League Challenge took place last weekend in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Teams from Cedar Ridge Intermediate and Buchanan Intermediate were among the 17 teams competing. Both teams will advance to the championship contest scheduled January 20, 2017 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Teams are comprised of up to 10 members (grades 4-6) guided by two or more coaches. Teams research a real-world problem and are challenged to develop a solution. They must design, build and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS and then compete on a table-top playing field. The topic of this competition was Animal Allies: What might become possible when we learn to help each other?

Buchanan Intermediate Team members include: John Bliss, Quinn Swofford, Rylie Hagston, Hannah Hinderman, Kaden Alms, Nathan Vijitbenjaronk, Diego Dunn, Alex Gephart and Landon Quiring. They are coached by Paula Bronn, Kari Houston and Tabatha Clark.

Cedar Ridge Intermediate Team members include: Annika Arjes, Abby Ashbaugh, Ivan Avellanosa, Elizabeth Barnes, Parker Garrison, Andrew Makuch, Ben Mathews, Madison Michel, Cooper Sutton and Ethan Wolfe. They are coached by Cynthia Matzat, Amy Vejraska, Nick Crabtree and Tyler Prochazka.
Buchanan Intermediate Team  CRI LEGO Team
Buchanan Intermediate Team                              Cedar Ridge Intermediate Team